State Profile

State Profile

Location: The State of Jammu and Kashmir commonly known as “Kashmir ” is situated between 32°-17` and 36°-58` north latitude and 73°-6` and 80°-30` longitude in the north western part of Indian sub-continent. Geographically it is bounded on the north-west by Afghanistan , on the north-east by China , on the south by India and on the west by Pakistan .

Area: Total area of Jammu and Kashmir State is about 85,806 sq. miles
(2,22,236 sq. Kms).

Territories:Jammu plains, Kashmir valley Ladakh plateau and Gilgit form the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

Language: Kashmiri, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Dogri, Pahari, Hindco, Shina, Balti and Broshali.

History ( in chronological order):

  • Buddhism was introduced in Kashmir in about 245 BC.
  • Ruled by independent Rajas Upto.
  • Muslim Sultans.
  • Mughals Rulers.
  • Afghan Rulers.
  • Sikh Rulers.
  • Sale od Kashmir to Dogras Under Amritsar Treaty.
  • Movement against repressive measures of Dogra
  • Raja Hari Singh.
  • Launching of All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference by Shiekh Muhammad Abudallah.
  • National Conference.
  • National Conference launched Quit Kashmir
  • Movement.
  • Partition of Indian sub-continent.
  • Popular revolt began against the repressive rules Of Maha Raja and an independent government Was
  • proclaimed in the liberated territories.